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Camel Chews 200g

Camel Chews 200g



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Camel Chews are for extreme chewers. A tough and long lasting treat for those who like a challenge. Camel may a more exotic chew but we chose it due to its amazing texture which suits heavy chewers.


Here at Ecopet we pride ourselves on choosing the best quality products and getting them to our clients at the best prices. The best products to us mean that not only does the quality need to be great but the source needs to be appropriate too.


Some interesting stuff about the Camel Industry

Our Camel chews are sourced in Turkey where a small population of camels still live 2600 years after they were first introduced to the area. Orignially they were used for transport and even in battle. The camel industry in Turkey is a small one these days reducing over 90% over the last 100 years. Camels are now more historically significant than a livestock industry but the culture is still being maintained. Of the small number of animals that provide meat each year, the toughest skin is then used for the pet industry to give us tough chews for strong dogs so that none of the animal needs to go to waste. Here at Ecopet this is the sort of thinking that we like. 


We even use compostable/recycleable bags to package our natural treats. Please remember to keep plastic bags away from children and animals.


Always supervise your pets with chews and provide fresh drinking water at all times. 


Composition: This item is 100% camel (monoprotein), with no added grain or other additives. Our camel scalp (camel chew) is gluten-free, without chemicals and preservatives.


Ingredients: (analysis is subject to natural fluctuations): protein 77.4%, fat 5.7%, ash 3.5%.


200g = Approx 4 - 5 pieces 

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