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Woody Cat Litter

Woody Cat Litter

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Natural wood based pellet, which is highl absorbant and great value for money. Simply place a layer into your cat litter tray and replace when required.

Woody Cat is a pure natural product made from compressed wood fibres. Woody Cat is a completely environmentally friendly product and after use it can be discarded in your composting bin or in your garden.


Made of pressed wood fibres, thus biodegradable.
Contains no harmful substances: safe for humans, animals and the environment.
Very absorbent
Does not stick to the fur and paws.
Prevents unpleasant odours.


Woody Cat Litter lasts a long time thanks to the great absorbing power. A layer of granules of 3 to 4cm is enough. By its nature, this product has no harmful effects on your cat and it is so user friendly, for animals and humans. After use the litter can be disposed of with vegetable, fruit and garden waste.
Available in 5kg and 15 kg.

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