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Sheba Fine Flakes Fish Collection in Gravy 12 x 85g

Sheba Fine Flakes Fish Collection in Gravy 12 x 85g

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Healthy cat food made with natural and quality ingredients*, such as 100% sustainably sourced fish, that have been responsibly sourced from our trusted suppliers. All ingredients are fully traceable.High quality Sheba adult wet cat food in gravy provides complete and balanced everyday meals for your feline companion.Sheba wet cat food is made with no fillers. This ensures that your cat is getting the nutrients they need and nothing they don't.These fish cat food recipes have been carefully prepared with over 30 years of expertise, and served in convenient Sheba 85g wet cat food pouches.This delicious wet cat food recipe will become a familiar favourite and provide a variety of tastes & textures your cat is bound to adore.



Delicate fine flakes carefully coated in a delicious gravy. This recipe is a masterclass of precision made with only the finest flaked pieces, meaning a delicate texture can be enjoyed in every bite. Choose Sheba Fine Flakes cat food in gravy to inspire a nuzzle of affection. Available in 85g wet cat food pouches

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