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Scoop's Vanilla Ice Cream for Dogs 125ml

Scoop's Vanilla Ice Cream for Dogs 125ml

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Scoop’s Ice Cream for Dogs is a product to get tails wagging as we believe treating the family means treating the dog too. This doggy ice cream has been made with fresh farm milk with added a lactase enzyme to reduce the lactose for those with sensitive tummies. We have also decreased the fat and sugar content and added vitamins, antioxidants and omega 3 oils.


  • Ideal after a long walk to or to cool your pooch down on a warm day.


  • With added Glucosamine and Vitimin C for joint and muscle support.


  • Reduced lactose for dogs with sensitive tummies.


  • Being frozen, this makes it a great longer lasting treat.


  • This is a special treat for special occasions, and one tub is a single serving.