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Prestige Budgie Food

Prestige Budgie Food

PriceFrom €4.99

High quality seed mixture for budgies


Multicoloured mixture for budgies and other small parakeets



yellow millet 30%, red millet 12%, peeled oats 10,5%, white millet 38%, canary seed 4%, linseed 3%, safflower 2%, niger seed 0,5%



crude protein 11.6%, crude fat 6%, crude fibre 6.5%, crude ash 3%, calcium 0.051%, phosphorus 0.286%, lysine 0.27%, methionine 0.28%, threonine 0.36%


Your birds will be in top condition when they regularly get a supplement of eggfood, vitamins and/or minerals (e.g. Orlux Gold Patee Small Parakeets, Oropharma Omni-Vit or Orlux Clay Bloc Mini).
Refresh feed and drinking water in time.

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