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Gain Big Dog Puppy

Gain Big Dog Puppy

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GAIN BIG DOGS Puppy is a complete pet food for puppies with a mature weight over 20kg, and breeding bitches over 20kg. Research has revealed that big and small dogs have different nutritional requirements, leading GAIN Pet Nutrition to develop two specific food ranges, GAIN BIG DOGS and GAIN SMALL DOGS. Available in 3kg and 15kg.


  • Strong Bones & Teeth – Our unique TruCal ingredient provides a source of real Calcium from milk combined with Vitamin D and Phosphorous.


  • Vitality & Natural Immunity – Contains a unique blend of all the essential Vitamins, protected* Minerals & Antioxidants. *(Chelated Minerals for increased absorption)


  • Good Joint Mobility – Precise blend of Glucosamine, MSM and Omega oils, to help with joint care and mobility in larger dogs.


  • Good Digestion – Contains soluble fibres plus Prebiotic FOS, for small dry stools with reduced odour.


  • Skin, Coat, Brain & Vision – Scientifically balanced with the optimum Omega-3* to Omega-6 ratio.
    *(extra Omega-3 fatty acids added)


  • Slow Controlled Growth – Contains L-Carnatine* and controlled levels of top quality Protein & Fat, required by slow–growing large-breed puppies (*L-Carnatine has a role in reducing the deposition of body fat).

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