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Vitakraft Green Rolls Nibble Rings

Vitakraft Green Rolls Nibble Rings

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These tasty crunchy rings are made from plant-based ingredients and wait for being in the bowl. The herbal composition makes them very digestible. Low calcium level can prevent urinary stone formation. Green Rolls are ideal for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters etc.


Green Rolls contain essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements for easy digestion. lots of fibres help keep teeth in good condition. These small rings taste great and their form proposes something new for their everyday life. Ideal for balanced diet!


Green Rolls for rodents (dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters)
With alfalfa and timothy hay
From natural vegetable ingredients
High fibre content
Low calcium
With essential vitamins and minerals, including an extra portion of vitamin C
Without sugar


Without artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives

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